Apr 17: A Tool in Your Recovery Toolbox

A Tool in Your Recovery Toolbox

April 17 : A tool in your Recovery Toolbox

For our topic this week, I am suggesting, what tool in your recovery toolbox stands out for today as one that you find particularly helpful or inspiring in your recovery.

The one that I am selecting is the nightly review that is shared on page 86 … the first full paragraph in Step 11. It contains a series of questions about my day. I find this review helps me to be honest with myself about my day – particularly when I share it with another. It causes me to take pause and truly review the day for any character defects that may have come up – and I particularly like the part that asks if I thought of myself primarily or others. And then it directs me to pray for correction where needed … and I can go to sleep with a clear conscience. Whether I have lived a healthy sober day or not, I have a least prayed for direction about how to correct it if I have not. It is up to me to follow through with that guided direction from the God of my understanding.

So, ladies, the meeting is yours. I have shared my tool that I am finding to be particularly inspiring and growth–producing in my recovery for today, and I open it to each and all to share the tool that they find the same thing with.