Listkeeper Letter

Important Addresses

Listkeeper’s Address:

(Use this address to change your subscription, or to unsubscribe, resubscribe or ask questions about GROW-related email problems).

Send shares to the List use this address:
(Use this address for all your shares or posts of any sort to the regular list. Address your share to ONLY the address. If another address is included (even if in the ‘Cc or ‘Bcc field) the email will bounce).  The list is set up to accept messages that are addressed to Grow only. The individual(s) you send messages in addition to GROW will probably receive the message; however, the Grow list will not.

NOTE: Please do not post subscription change requests to GROW because they are too easily overlooked.

GROW Website:

To access the member’s section, you’ll need the following password:

Password: sobertodayhow2484

The GROW Website provides members with all of the information listed in this email, plus business meeting updates, and an archive section. Check the Website for what is happening in GROW.

Personal Webpages

Each member has a password protected personal webpage where she can make changes to her account, such as:

-vacation (disable mail delivery)
-change her account from regular mail to digest or visa versa

If you lose your password, you can retrieve it here:

Scroll down the page to the lower part, under the blue bar titled “Password Retrieval.” Click on “remind” and your password will immediately be sent to the email address you use for GROW.

If you do not feel comfortable making your own changes, please address all such requests to the listkeeper’s email box, which is: