Treasurer Description


    • 2 year term
    • 2 years sobriety
    • 2 years as a member of GROW
    • Must be a member of Business List.
    • Serve on Steering Committee.
    • Maintain a checking account in the name of the Treasurer.
    • Ensure that the Webkeeper Backup has access to the account so it may be acccessed in the event of an emergency.
    • Set up a PayPal account; share this password with the Webkeeper Backup.
    • Send weekly passing-the-basket announcement to the group, using the 7th Tradition Announcement Template as approved by group conscience. Be sure to include your postal mailing address for mail-in contributions.
    • Deposit collections in a timely manner.
    • Pay all group expenses per the distribution below and maintain a prudent reserve of $122.00:
      • Make bi-annual contributions before GROW Business Meetings, to GSO (The General Service Office, Grand Central Station, PO Box 459, New York, NY 10164-0423; Group Service # 633230).  Allocate 80% of the total available contribution amount to GSO.
      • Allocate 20% of GROW’s total available contribution amount to OIAA
      • $24.00 monthly to OSO-AA (PayPal: ($144 – 6 months expenses)
      • $50.00 annual subscription to Grapevine magazine
      • Up to $300 per year to Dean Collins dba Insight Planners, or other professionals, for consulting services on GROW’s WordPress-based website.
    • Submit semi-annual reports (prior to each business meeting).