Member Welcome


These pages are provided for members of the Grateful Recovering Online Women’s Group of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Important Information

  • Who to Contact for Assistance:
    • For confidential assistance with questions, concerns, or issues, contact the Business Meeting Chair, Secretary, or Listkeepers. See lists of Trusted Servants and Steering Committee Members on the website.
    • For technical (email) questions about the GROW mailing list, to subscribe to the list, or to change your existing subscription, write to the listkeepers at
  • To post a message to GROW, send a message to
  • Please do not post subscription change requests to the group at large, they are too easily overlooked.
  • Requests to unsubscribe from the list are accepted only from the member.
  • Checking mail frequently prevents a full mailbox. If you are having problems receiving mail from the group, please write the listkeepers at
  • Sometimes, new members can be overwhelmed by the volume of e-mails coming through the list. If you experience this, you might find it helpful to create and use a separate email address to reduce the confusion of mixing GROW mail with your primary email address. There are many services that offer free e-mail (just search for “free e-mail accounts” on the web). Be sure to notify our Listkeeper at if you change your address. You might also want to check out the Digest version containing the day’s posts in a single e-mail (contact our Listkeeper to get the Digest).
  • The list software only recognizes messages sent from the subscribed email address. If you need to change addresses, please write directly to