Welcome to GROW!

We are the Grateful Recovering Online Women’s (GROW) Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. We hold E-mail A.A. meetings for alcoholic women and/or women who wish to learn how A.A. might help them stop drinking. We adhere to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions found in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We provide this website as part of our 12 Step work, and we welcome new members!

Who are we?

We come from all walks of life and we have traveled many different paths to get to A.A. What we have found here is a daily reprieve from our drinking, and that daily reprieve has transformed our lives.

To protect the anonymity of its members and to avoid any appearance of endorsing outside issues, GROW will not participate in research, surveys or similar projects conducted by individuals or institutions outside Alcoholics Anonymous.

Credits & Disclaimers

This website is not endorsed or approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., the service office for the USA and Canada, nor any other country’s national service office. It is provided by the Grateful Recovering Online Women’s group of Alcoholics Anonymous as part of our 12 Step work.

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