June 4: The Waltz

Topic for the week: The Waltz

Hello ladies, TheresaB alcoholic, I was in a meeting recently when several newcomers shared about difficulties they were having. One of our sisters wrapped it up nicely by reminding us of the need to practise steps 1-3 whenever we are faced with an objectionable person, place or thing. It is the foundation of our program.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are our lifeblood. In Step One, reminds me that complete surrender is necessary, I am powerless over, followed by the admission that our life has become unmanageable, even though I would go down kicking and screaming that it wasn’t my fault, if only …

In Step Two I have to admit that there is a power greater than me. Then I have to admit that I need to be restored to sanity–my alcoholic life certainly was insane, no normal person would live that way.

All that is left is a decision to let God take over. It seems so simple! But I am continually reminded that everything that seems so simple, often requires a fair amount of work on my part. As we say, of course I’ll let go of it but there will be claw marks to prove it.

When I first heard the first three steps referred to as the waltz, it was somewhat disparaging, about being stuck on 1-3. Further down the road, I see it differently now. Just like a waltz, there is comfort in the simplicity of it, surrender, acceptance and action. When I remember to keep it that simple, my life works much easier, I don’t have the resentments or the anger.

How do Steps 1-3 fit into your life today?

Thank you for allowing me the honor of chairing the meeting this week. May you all have a Blessed week.