Nov 12: Sharing the Miracles

Sharing the Miracles

There have been many little miracles have happened since I got sober. To someone else, they might have had no significance but, for me, the coming together of certain happenings in a way that struck me deeply, and brought great meaning and a sense of a Power who cared and was looking after me, has deepened the bond I have with my Higher Power.

I’m not going to give the dictionary definition of ‘miracle’. Suffice it to say there are many views on what constitutes one. It doesn’t have to be the breaking of natural laws (like rising from the dead or growing new legs after we lost them!).

I’m asking you to share anything you feel was miraculous to you.

Some things stand out for me. But really there have been countless times I’ve stood still and just thought.. . wow.

I’ll share two things that stand out. At a year sober, my friend and I took over the franchise on a leisure centre snack bar. One day we were in dire straits wondering how we would pay the Coca Cola man (this was a long time ago before health consciousness was that developed lol)… we owed him ?184.10.

Now, our little cafe was loved by the people but there was never a huge amount of customers coming through. That day, after handing it over, an unexpected busload of folk came in and guess how much our till showed at the end of the day… ?184.10 (this was 1983…)! We were dumbfounded and in awe. (My partner was newly sober too).

Another time, at many years sober, and struggling as a single parent to even put together the fuel costs, I drove my 13 year old to a fencing competition a few hours’ drive away. I’d packed a simple picnic lunch for us. Our car was an old banger. We got lost on the way, and after futile attempts to find darn Pontefract, even my son agreed we’d have to give up. Feeling a right failure, I began the journey home. Out of nowhere, a sign for Pontefract popped up. In a race against time, we arrived just as it was beginning.

To cut a long story short, our little banger sat among top of the range cars… Jags, Rolls, Mercedes . . it was a very posh private school the competition was being held in. But we were not deterred.. (my son loved his sport and was very talented). However, great feelings of despondency did come over me as we parked up, thinking of how little financially we had… (I’d walked away from a toxic marriage and a 6-bedroomed house with virtually nothing material to my name)

A few hours later, we left there, my son clutching this huge trophy! He’d come first!! Cars didn’t matter… financial status didn’t matter… my guy had the talent and money couldn’t buy that.

We had an amazing drive home.. we shared together, this boy of mine and me, of spiritual values, of it all being an inside job. (He would go on to get a 1st at university and a Masters after. But his greatest achievement to date has been the celebration of 2 years’ sobriety last week. He went on a few years after the fencing victory to discover alcohol)

Please share if you can anything that has left you feeling… wow.

If you can’t think of any (yet), feel free to share about anything related to alcoholism.

With love in fellowship