Nov 30: The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

I recall a women’s meeting here last year- – – – the topic was “Insanity during the holidays”! As the sharing went around the room I found myself getting more and more “down”! Practically everyone was having a difficult time with the drama of the holidays, and it was definitely “catching”!

When it came my time to share – – -I took a deep breath (to unload any negativity), prayed for guidance, and what came out was the following:

This year I REFUSE to buy into the insanity of the holidays!!! I did this the first few years into sobriety – – -and, as a result, didn’t look forward to them and had many unnecessary fears about drinking. I came into this Program to learn how to live life in a happy, joyous and free manner without the necessity of anything mind-altering ! And when I stay in the “problem” I have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and that leaves me with no foot to plant in the NOW! I prefer to look at “problems” as “opportunities for growth” and quickly get into the solution – – -rather than remaining in my “stuff” and treading water! Borrrrrrrrrrrrring!

Today I have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OR EXCUSE to remain in any negative “stuff”! After all, haven’t I learned in this Program how to bring up, take a look at, unload the past, and get on with my life? Isn’t that what this is all about?

The tools are all here – – – -the path is laid out before me if I but just follow it in the suggested manner! It’s ALL right in front of my nose! All I have to do is DO IT! You’ve heard me before: IT WORKS WHEN I WORK IT, and it doesn’t when I don’t!!! Half measures availed me NOTHING!!! (And believe me, I tried!!!)

At the top of my priority list is to get and remain in CONSTANT contact with my Higher Power, praying for guidance all the way! I go to more meetings and remain in contact with a couple of recovering sisters on a daily basis.

Today I have the choice of enjoying life, or the alternative !



This is a test. It is only a test. Had this been a real life you would have been instructed where to go and what to do. I believe this is a reminder not to take life so seriously. It will ALL pass!!! Might as well enjoy the ride – – -for it isn’t too long at all!!!


HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON! We certainly have lots to be grateful for this year! We are sober!!!

I look forward to your shares on how you plan to put this Program to use and enjoy your holidays! Any little tips that might be helpful to our newcomers and/or others who are suffering are greatly appreciated!!! For you sisters who have a couple of holiday seasons under your belt, let’s show our newcomers what this Program is all about.

ACCEPTING AND ENJOYING WHAT IS! I hope you all are, too! / why not?