2001 – Group Conscience Decisions

2001 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 2001.

April 2001

  • By consensus agreed to add the responsibility for re-posting the topic mid-week to the Weekly Leader Listkeeper job description.
  • By consensus, the secretary will post the following reminder to the group at least once a month (this is in addition to the entire guide to email etiquette currently being posted): “Hi, Just a reminder that we here in GROW enjoy both on- and off-topic posts. While we send personal messages such as welcomes, hugs, and “enjoyed-your-share” comments privately, when one of our members needs help, we can all benefit from the show of open support and the sharing of experience, strength and hope shared publicly.
  • By consensus, agreed to conduct a group inventory in September, 2001.

October 2001

  • By consensus agreed:
    1. Hold off on putting a button on our website until we have a chance to see how it works for other groups; and
    2. Add a statement under our current OIAA link informing visitors that 24-hour help is available by visiting the OIAA website, or by calling Alcoholics Anonymous as listed in local telephone directories.
  • By consensus agreed that GROW welcomer(s) will send our online sponsor list to new members.