Apr 07: “It’s the gnats that get us”

“It’s the gnats that get us”

I don’t know about you gals but I have learned to walk through the big trials in my life with the lessons I have been taught in this program. Over the years there have been family deaths. Suicides of friends and a sponsee. Loss of dearly beloved pets. Financial losses. Illnesses etc. etc. etc. This program and good sponsorship has given me tools to handle these things. Reaching out, getting to more meetings, talking at depth about my feelings to God and another human being. Prayer and lots of it. Of course there is a grief process to go through and I usually go through all the stages until I get to acceptance, but I can do so with some degree of serenity and dignity.

Then here come the gnats I have to be somewhere and I am stopped at a light while it changes from red to green 3 whole times. Don’t they *know* I have to be there. Someone does or says something that hurts my iddy biddy feelings and I brood and have conversations in my head and build up a good resentment. Then I get that knot in my stomach that tells me I have to go to that someone and make amends because I have usually said something bitter and sarcastic by this time. This absolutely can ruin a whole day when you let it, as I did recently when I got through the whole day until reading Page 86 when going to bed. I had to get up and go find my husband and make amends for my retaliatory comments which were cruel.

So ladies, how do you handle the gnats? Does the honesty and integrity learned in this program force you to come clean?

I look forward to your shares. Of course, please feel free to discuss what is troubling you. Glad that you are all here.