Apr 15: Emotional Sobriety

Emotional Sobriety

Good Morning Sober Sisters!!

Today marks the 8th year of my sober journey. It is no longer about alcohol for me. In the 12 & 12 pg. 116-117 it states, “we were still trying to find emotional security by being dominating or dependent on others”. It goes on to say “right relations with people who understand us; we don’t have to be alone anymore.” How those words ring true for me. I lived many years either controlling the situation/person or being the “VICTIM”. Today, I seek to do HIS will by living spiritual principles and my reward is sanity and emotional sobriety!!! PRICELESS I rely on my HP whom I choose to call God and the “people who understand me”…that includes YOU! Please share your experience with emotional sobriety or sobriety in general. Thank you for being part of my journey…God is good!

In love and service,
Statia H.
DOS: 04/15/2010