Aug 04: Ahhhhh! Thank you!

Ahhhhh! Thank you!

In the 80s there was a pet rock craze. One time, while waiting to knock on a friend’s door, there was a rock by the door. It said:

“Please turn me over.” Hmm. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I felt silly. But I did it. The other side said, “Ah! Thank you!” How delightful I felt!

We talk about ‘turning it over” all the time in AA. Until we turn it over, so to speak, we can’t see what’s on the other side. And yet we have such delight waiting for us when we do!

We talk about turning things over in our mind. Contemplating something we need to make a decision about. When we make the decision about what we are ‘turning over’ in our mind, we feel relief, grateful for the answer to our dilemm a. “AH! Thank you!”

Sure, we feel silly about it. We may even look around furtively to be sure no one is looking before we turn over the pet rock. But the relief! The delight!

After thinking about it, I turned the pet rock back over so that someone else could experience what I did. So like AA. We go on to show others how we ‘turned it over.” And the message we get? “Ah! Thank you!”