Aug 09: What does it mean to be sober?

What does it mean to be sober?

I recently heard someone who was sober in AA question whether he was really sober. He had relapsed on medication. Although he stopped the meds and still wasn’t drinking, he was smoking cigarettes. And eating when he was upset. And losing his temper. Is that sobriety, he wondered?

I left that meeting a bit rattled. Fortunately I’ve been listening to you all long enough understand that I am on a journey. There is no graduation from AA. And there is no test to qualify! I get to decide that I am an alcoholic. I also get to decide what my sobriety looks like.

As I reflect on my 24 month journey, I recognize that I have grown in my sobriety.

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to see just how far this program of action has taken me. My boyfriend’s extended family was in town. I haven’t seen most of them in years because, in the past, I would have avoided them. Then, I would have sulked and complained that they didn’t like me.

Instead, I made boundaries so that I had time with family and time to myself. I accepted them as they are instead of making up stories about what they were REALLY thinking. Guess what? My resentments against my boyfriend’s family are gone. None of this would have been possible without my HP and my sobriety.

So, today I’d like to ask: What does it mean to you to be sober? How has your definition of sobriety changed over time? How can you tell if you are progressing or regressing in your sobriety?

I’m excited to hear what you have to share on this or any other topic that has your attention this week. I feel real gratitude and love for this community we have.