Dec 04: Expectations Low, Acceptance High

Expectations Low, Acceptance High

Good Sunday morning GROW Sisters! Elizabeth, a very grateful alcoholic here. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to be of service today as our topic chair!

For our topic, I have selected the phrase I often hear in meetings and read online, keeping expectations low and acceptance high in regards to people, place and things.

I have found this phrase to be extremely helpful in keeping me in balance and more serene throughout my sobriety. It was introduced to me early in my recovery and have used it as part of my AA ‘code’ again and again.

It has been particularly helpful recently with a life on life’s terms situation with the father of my children. We have had a very negative encounter this past week. Keeping my expectations low, as he is an active alcoholic and addict, and acceptance high as acceptance is the key to all things, has helped me so much in refraining from engaging in the ‘junk’ that has been spewed my way.

I am so so grateful to have a program with gems like this phrase to help me deal with life on life’s terms as a strong and steady sober woman of grace, staying close to my God, staying connected with my sponsor, sharing with a very few people in my network, using prayer and meditation to maintain my conscience contact.

Thank you for letting me be of service. The meeting is yours. Please feel to share on this topic or anything that is in your heart and needs to be shared with the group.

In gratitude and appreciation and with love, Elizabeth