Feb 14: Anonymity


While trying to decide on a topic for this week, Dr. Bob’s words kept coming to mind, so I decided to go with Anonymity as the topic!

On page 264-265 of “DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers” (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc., New York 1980), it states:

“As far as anonymity was concerned, we knew who we were. It wasn’t only A.A., but our social life. All of our lives seemed to be spent together. We took people home with us to dry out. The Cleveland group had the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the members,” said Warren. “In fact, I remember Dr. Bob saying, ‘If I got up and gave my name as Dr. Bob S., people who needed help would have a hard time getting in touch with me.'”

Warren recalled: “He (Dr. Bob) said there were two ways to break the anonymity Tradition: (1) by giving your name at the public level of press or radio; (2) by being so anonymous that you can’t be reached by other drunks.”

In an article in the February 1969 Grapevine, D.S. of San Mateo, California, wrote that Dr. Bob commented on the Eleventh Tradition as follows:

“Since our Tradition on anonymity designates the exact level where the line should be held, it must be obvious to everyone who can read and understand the English language that to maintain anonymity at any other level is definitely a violation of this ‘Tradition’.

Ladies what do you feel about anonymity? Are you open within your group about your last name? Do you agree with Dr Bob?