Jul 29: Growing Up in AA

Growing Up in AA

Hello women of GROW and thank you for the opportunity to chair!

I am getting ready to celebrate 5 years sober…I’m also 51 years old and finally starting to feel like a grown up woman.

Today, my HP and I have a partnership. As a result I have been able to do things I never thought I could handle.

As a result of working these Steps, I no longer manipulate my partner into doing things I just don’t want to do; if I notice something that needs taking care of, I take care of it.

I no longer try to get something for nothing. If my computer is infected by malware, I pay someone to remove it. I no longer try to find a friend to do it for free.

I face my fear of financial insecurity. I am finally getting new glasses and I chose to go to the clinic that felt supportive, as opposed to one that was inexpensive.

Today I am learning to maintain good boundaries with partners and friends. I’m take care of my body. I am self-supporting through my own contributions! And it feels great.

I’d love to hear how AA has helped you to grow and take responsibility for your lives. What can you do now, with the support of your Higher Power that you thought you were unable or unwilling to handle?

Have a lovely week and I’m looking forward to hearing from you on this topic or whatever is on your heart.