Jul 8: Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude

July, 2017, marks 33 years of my sobriety in AA, and for this I’m deeply grateful.

I was fortunate to recognize the disease early in the progression, to surrender to how dangerous it is, and to connect with the people and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Most of the credit for my early acceptance goes to members of the Fellowship who told their stories honestly and fearlessly, no matter how horrible. I identified with them; I had the same disease.

So I worked with a sponsor and followed the Steps and Traditions to the best of my ability. The treatment plan was spelled out in the Big Book. “A.A. does not teach us how to handle our drinking…it teaches us how to handle sobriety.” Something my sponsor taught me to do when fearful or angry: make a gratitude list.

More importantly, I was taught to practice gratitude by helping other alcoholics.

How do you practice the gratitude you feel? – Lucine