Jun 07: Keeping My Peace

Keeping My Peace

What challenges or situations may threaten your peacefulness, and what do you do so that you can get it back? What are the “tools” you use to get back into balance? How do you use our Program to remain at peace and remain in balance?

Here is how I take on challenges and keep the peace:

  1. I acknowledge that LIFE just keeps happening – – -no matter what I do about it! It’s up to me how I respond to it.
  2. I accept what is instead of resisting what is placed before me;
  3. I trust that WHATEVER is placed before me is what my God wants me to take a look at, go through it, and experience the lesson;
  4. I have TOTAL trust in my Higher Power;
  5. I look at EVERYTHING as an “opportunity for growth” instead of as a “problem”; and
  6. I know today that EVERYTHING passes and I will never experience this moment again and what it holds for me.

IT WORKS WHEN I WORK IT and doesn’t when I don’t!!!

I look forward to hearing how you keep the peace in your life!