Jun 16: Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and Prayer

Hi again I am Sarah and I am definitely alcoholic. I’m grateful to be sharing this week with a group of women that understand my issues and disease inside and out. Welcome to the new women, I hope you stay and find this group useful.

I read a few daily meditations for this Sunday and in trying to pick one I decided to share generally instead of sharing just one (not AA approved literature) I have felt a little overwhelmed lately by trying to do and be everything for everyone (not as much as I used to thank god). I stopped and thought about the meditations I did when I was going through harder times and realized I need to have this discipline again. Even a 5 min breathing exercise helps change my world so significantly so I know in the 12×12 there is a good description of how we are supposed to do this but I wanted to hear from you (busy) women what you do daily as a form of meditation and prayer 🙂 the meeting is now open 🥰🥰🥰🏝 have a wonderful week ! And thank you everyone for showing up for your sobriety !