Apr 14: Let Go…Let God

Let Go…Let God

Thank you all for being here everyday.  I look forward to reading your shares.  What a gift to be reminded I’m not alone!
My whole life I’ve struggled with control0 and still do…control of people, places and things as well as myself.  Funny I couldn’t control my drinking!  Lol
I see now by manipulating the plan my HP has in place only causes me and others harm.  By not allowing others to make choices for themselves robs them of valuable coping skills.  Being a first time (sober) grandma I share my experience only when asked!!  Ha…I’ve grown.
Today, because of the program, I can let go.  It was exhausting to have to be God all those years!  Please share on your experience with letting go or anything that may be on your mind.
In love and service,