Mar 13: Honesty


The topic of Honesty has been rolling around in my thoughts all week. When I came into the rooms, I was anything but honest, with myself and with others. The web of lies and deception was thick. Through working the steps with my sponsor and allowing that onion of an inventory to peel back the layers, I have been able to face truths and begin to live an honest life. Each day I have opportunities to practice honesty … but telling the truth is just the beginning.

Yesterday, I had the experience of hearing someone become brutally honest with those they had hurt. With this honesty comes the very real possibility of life in prison. This person was willing to do what was right, no matter what the personal consequences might be. What struck me the most was that, by being honest, the chains that imprisoned this person in the darkness of guilt and shame were broken. Honesty does that for me, too.

My questions for you to ponder this week is: How does honesty play out in your own sobriety? What has been your experience with being honest with yourselves and others? How has your approach to this topic changed as you have grown in your sobriety?