Mar 29: Powerlessness

With everything going on in the world today, powerlessness comes to mind. Our program tells us that are we powerless over alcohol but people, places and things as well. We have learned that we are not adrift if we don’t control things, our HP is charge. We may not understand this and sometimes it is hard to believe when things are as bad as they are right now perhaps. But we are told that God did not bring us this far to drop us now.

I have not met anyone that has been able to achieve and maintain a quality sobriety without His help. I myself tried many things to get sober and none of them worked because I was thoroughly and totally powerless over alcohol. I gave it all my power, I made it my governing power for so long I became powerless to regain control over my life. I could not get sober on my own. Once I totally surrendered to the God of my understanding and became entire willing to accept my powerlessness did I begin to feel my HP’s power enter and begin to change me. AA has taught me that I have no power over anything but myself and my attitude. This is a full time job right now with my anxiety, trying to just stay in the day and hand over my fears to God.

These times are scary for sure and it is easy for me to slip into panic. But we alcoholics have a program which can uphold us and restore our serenity in these uncertain times. Thank you all for being here with me and virtually holding my hand when I am frightened and need support.

Thank you for letting me share.
Lynn H