May 10: A Selfish Program

A Selfish Program

Welcome and Happy Mothers Day to all us women, whether you’re a mom or a daughter or both. Today is a day we take stock and appreciate those people in our lives. With this in mind I would like to suggest as a topic – It’s a Selfish Program.

How does that tie into mothering? When I came in, I was absolutely LAST on the list. Everyone else came first. I had two boys 3 and 10, and a husband who was totally capable of helping and choose to NOT. Then there were the parents and friends and on and on till I was just a human doing. Work, home drink, pass out, work, home, drink, pass out … you get the picture.

That was 12 years of my life. When I was first exposed to AA, and you suggested I make my sobriety a priority, I struggled. How could I possibly put that first on the list when I had so many responsibilities? My marriage didn’t survive, but I did. My children did, and we have relationships now.

Today, I have a relationship with myself. That’s something I never had. I have a relationship with a higher power who guides me, takes care of my most basic needs and wants and some very personal spiritual ones as well. There are days I soar on the wings of eagles, and there are days I trudge thru mud. But through all that I have put sobriety first because without that, I am nothing.

I look forward to reading your shares and how you have learned to put yourself first and learned that everyone in your life benefited from your taking action.