Oct 16: U-Turns. How To Handle Your Mistakes?

U-Turns. How To Handle Your Mistakes?

Hi. My name is. Michelle. M a. Grateful. Recovering Alcoholic. For our meeting I have chosen Step. 2. God. Allows. U-TURNS. How do you handle your mistakes?

A quote from the 12&12 pg 63. ” one of A.A.’s greatest friends said any person capable of enough willingness and honesty to try repeatedly to not repeat their mistakes without reservations whatever has indeed come a long way. It took me many years to develop the honesty to forgive myself and others for my negative actions. I came here beaten by alcohol addiction.

My mind was closed against the grace of God. That was a big mistake. But I had a long and honest sponsor who taught me how to stop fighting everyone and everything. God restored my sanity. Through my pain and suffering I was set free from anger, fear, and found peace. My gratitude speaks from my heart. I love giving back what others gave me. Love for my fellows.

Step 2 taught me that doing the same things (blaming others) over and over is a perfect example of how insane thinking pg 33 God allows. U-TURNS.it starts with me and ends with me. The Steps taught me that true humility, an open mind can lead us to forgiving ourselves. for the mistakes we made during our drinking days and in our sobriety. To thine own self be true.

Today I have a faith unshaken by the mistakes I make. And at every meeting of A.A. is the assurance that God will restore anyone of us who is capable of enough honesty not to take that first drink. Progress not perfection. I never intended to become an alcoholic. My God never intended it either. God allowed me a second chance. I use the 10th step to keep myself honest with my sponsor and family members and all of you.

The Steps helped me let go of my past. How my actions hurt the people I loved. I came here feeling I was a mistake. Why was I even born? On October 4th daily thoughts said ” it’s not making a mistake that will kill me. It’s defending it that does the damage.”

My mistakes took my precious daughter Andrea to wake me up. After she walked away from our home. I was left alone. The rest is history. A.A. saved my life. The Steps changed my thinking and gave me a loving God. I made my amends. I corrected my mistakes. I just celebrated my 29th A.A. birthday. I continue to make mistakes. But I know I’m not one today. I thank you beautiful alkies for keeping me right sized and humble.

Congratulations to all our birthdays.

You keep me coming back. Blessings to all of you.