Sep 09: Practice Practice Practice

Practice Practice Practice

For our meeting, I am sharing ‘practice practice practice’ as our topic. When I came into the rooms of AA, I could focus on next to nothing … slowly but surely, I started hearing and listening and seeing the sayings around the room. Looking at those, sometimes, was all I could manage in early meetings. This one stood out to me though it took time, as always, to grasp it’s meaning … at least to me.

Our AA co-founder, Bill Wilson shared that the 12 steps “are a group of principles, spiritual in their nature, which, if practiced as a way of life, can expel, the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole.”

That word practice means living, for this alcoholic today, in terms of our 12 steps. They guide my living and thinking for today as long as I work them. I have learned and continue to learn how to stay sober and live soberly by step work. The answers to how to manage a challenge, accepting it as a lesson and an opportunity for growth, watching my tongue and pen so as to not have to make another amend (though know it is the way when needed), knowing that my HP is in charge, that my life, today, as a sober woman is about service while living a spiritual life….and so so so so much more.

Ladies, the meeting is yours and look forward to reading your shares on how practicing the steps enhances your life and sobriety or whatever you need/want to share on!