Sep 20: Have You Found What You Want?

Have You Found What You Want?

I heard this topic at a meeting recently. In How It Works it says, “If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it …” What is it that you want? Have you found what you want?

When I went to my first meeting, all I wanted was to quit drinking. I had been drinking daily for 15 years, and it was getting worse. I didn’t eat well, I was a heavy smoker, my health was deteriorating, and my spirit was very close to dead. I heard in almost every share that you drank like I did, and you had found a way to stop. I really wanted that. When people talked about how wonderful their lives were and how much they had gained, I had no idea what that meant. But when they claimed they were neutral to alcohol, I paid attention. The same thing was said all the time: “Come to 90 meetings in 90 days, read the Big Book, pray, get a sponsor, and work steps.”

I took the advice and got what I wanted: I don’t drink, and I don’t fight it. I do now understand how much the 12 steps have to offer, and I have been blessed beyond what I could have asked for. That is probably the key for me, beyond what I could have asked for. God had a much bigger and much better plan, so I continue to seek and pray for God’s direction.