Sep 09: All or Nothing

All or Nothing

My name is Suanne and I am an alcoholic. The following reading comes from the Grapevine, March 1962.

“Acceptance and faith are capable of producing 100 per cent sobriety. In fact, they usually do; and they must, else we could have no life at all. But the moment we carry these attitudes into our emotional problems, we find that only relative results are possible. Nobody can, for example, become complete free from fear, anger, and pride.

Hence, in this life we shall attain nothing like perfect humility and love. So we shall have to settle, respecting most of our problems, for a very gradual progress, punctuated sometimes by heavy setbacks. Our old-time attitude of “all or nothing” will have to be abandoned.”

Man, this smacks me between the eyes sometimes. All or nothing because that’s the way I am. I have a hard time with balance. However, with the principles of our program, I am learning and I hope I will always be teachable. I used to think that if I was working a good program, I would never get angry again, or depressed again. However, I’ve found this is an ongoing surrender. When I ask God to remove any defects of character that are not of any use to Him, I don’t get struck “perfect”. I have to remember that there are still some defects He is using right now. Serenity comes when I”m doing the best I can today, asking for God’s will and doing my best to do whatever He puts before me. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t. But I”m willing and I’m willing to learn from my mistakes as well. Thy will be done.

Ladies, this is your meeting. Please share your experience with the above or with whatever you feel led to share on. Thanks for allowing me to be of service.

Suanne G
DOS 6-20-01
Waco, TX