Nov 05: Let Go, Let God

Let Go, Let God

Hi guys! I’m Sarah, alcoholic. So grateful to be of service today and keep my head on solution and not trash ! Lol!

I have experienced some real miracles when I Let go and let god- and listen to that whisper inside my gut- not sure how I come to “let go” sometimes but it usually involves a very high level of pain ?. Today I can let go of custody stuff and my ex and current situations and really trust god – it’s an amazing relationship that I never anticipated and it’s very slowly grown over the years as I have began to trust my higher power. I’m still not sure what it is but it’s good and it’s the good in everyone – that’s how I see God. I am an impatient, imperfect alcoholic women and I get in there and screw things up but when I sit back and think– deep down I know what to do and that’s god for me- and today I know I can trust Him 100% even if it still feels like jumping off a ledge sometimes- can’t wait to hear your experience strength and hope – love you all thanks for keeping me sober today 🙂 oxoxoxox

Sarah K.