0422 – Listkeepers’ Report

Listkeepers’ Report
April 2022 Business Meeting

Hello GROW

I’m Karen, alcoholic and one of your two Listkeepers.
Sophie R is our other Listkeeper.

Listkeepers work closely with the team of two Greeters, currently Amy N and Karrie C.
As a team of four we manage requests from new ladies interested in joining GROW. Karrie’s term ended in October 2021; however, our new Greeter was unable to fulfill her TS responsibilities and Karrie graciously agreed to step back in and serve until April. Thank you Karrie!

Karen H. has completed her term as listkeeper. Sophie R. will continue as listkeeper until April 2023 and work with Susan P., our incoming listkeeper alternate. Amy and Karrie will be stepping down as Greeters. Diane L and De W have volunteered to be of service as our new Greeters. Diane will serve until October 2022 and De until April 2023.

Our roles don’t take much time but do need us to check our GROW emails several times a day so that requests to join are responded to quickly. We work in pairs – one week on, one week off. Sophie, Amy, and Karrie have been great to work with and I appreciate how the four of us have functioned as a team to keep the list running smoothly and respond quickly to the new ladies.

At our last Business Meeting in October we had 284 members.
Today we currently have 284 members.
We are welcoming new ladies to GROW each month; however, we currently have members unsubscribing at about the same rate as our new subscribers. Thus, our membership has not increased overall in this six-month period.

Listkeepers also administer the Business List to ensure everyone who wants to be included is signed up. So far we have 23 ladies signed up to join the Business Meeting starting Friday, April 1.

In love and service
Karen H.