1020 – Listkeeper’s Report

Oct 2020 Listkeeper’s Report

Our membership as of September 30, 2020 is 241. Regular list members 241 and 23 Digest members (this number is always a little larger than our actual count because some members have two subscriptions – one for regular posts and one for digests and some members have two regular list addresses.)

At the conclusion of our last business meeting, April 1, 2020; we had 166 members. This time last year we had 374 members. We conducted the Roll Call earlier this year and unsubbed many who did not reply as well as resubbed many members.

Big giant thanks to our greeters Lisa M. and Louise H. as well as Nancy C for keeping up with the large volume of requests while we were all quarantined due to COVID-19! This coming service term will include myself and Karen H as Listkeepers, while Karrie C and Lisa will continue as greeters. Thank you so much for all of your service ladies!

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah K and Nancy C
GROW Listkeepers