2004 – Group Conscience Decisions

2004 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 2004. The previous year’s listings are for 2002; there were no group conscience decisions made in 2003.

January, 2004

Agreed to:

  1. continue to send our representative to OSC;
  2. oppose the the proposed OSC Charter;
  3. withhold any other decisions (and discussions) regarding OSC until the group arrives at a Charter we can support; and that we
  4. write a brief statement to this effect for our rep to share with OSC.

Changed Treasurer term length from one (1) year to two (2) years.

April, 2004

Agreed to add the following statement to the GSR/OCR job description:

  • ” Anticipate heavy increase in correspondence, especially during the months when OSC is in session.”

Agreed by vote to change the percentage of our excess funds donated to OIAA and GSO as follows:

  • GROW will contribute 20% to OIAA and 80% to GSO. Our OIAA Rep will privately let the OIAA Treasurer know that we are reducing our contribution in keeping with our letter of April, 2003.

Agreed by consensus to the following:

  • We will send the amount originally scheduled for April, as these funds were collected under the group conscience of a 50/50 split between OIAA and GSO.

July/August, 2004

The July business meeting was extended into August because the July meeting was interrupted by server problems. GROW changed listservers from Esosoft to Binhost during this time frame.

  • Agreed by unanimous vote to revise the treasurer job guidelines to include a requirement of at least one year as a member of GROW. (8/0404)
  • Agreed by consensus to withdraw from OSC. (8/0404)
  • Agreed by consensus that for the September 2004 inventory, we will use the same 12 inventory questions we have used in our previous two group inventories.
  • Agreed by consensus to increase our prudent reserve to $100 in anticipation of possible increased expenses with Treasurer rotation and new bank account in October.

October, 2004

  • Archives: The change to Binhost, which now provides us with password-protected searchable archives by date, topic, author and topic created several questions to answer. By consensus we decided: 1) We will continue providing the archive section on the g-r-o-w website. 2) The g-r-o-w website archive section will include a link to the Binhost archives; 3) The GROW archivist will continue to backing up the digests and saving them to a disk for safekeeping.
  • By consensus we reaffirmed that the archivist should be a non-rotating trusted servant.
  • By consensus we reaffirmed that our archive procedures are in keeping with traditions.
  • By consensus we decided that the Webkeeper should be a non-rotating trusted servant position and that there should be a back-up.
  • By consensus we agreed to combine the Greeter and Welcomer positions when the current Welcomers’ terms end.
  • By consensus we agreed that, because of restrictions by her local banks, our current treasurer, Annette, will ask for checks to be made out to her with GROW as a memo. (There is no consensus at this time to extend this decision to future treasurers).
  • By consensus we agreed that the Webkeeper and Archivist should be reimbursed for the cost of the website and the cost of disks needed to back up digests.
  • By consensus we agreed that the founder’s correspondence should be maintained by the founders and not available for general perusal. (There is no consensus at this time as to whether said correspondence should be available to someone other than the founders for research purposes).
  • By consensus we agreed that the GSR will serve as the OIAA alternate. (Clarification: We will have one OIAA representative who has no GSR duties and one GSR who also serves as the OIAA Alternate.