2008 – Group Conscience Decisions

2008 Group Conscience Decisions

This is a summary of the group conscience decisions made in 2008.

January, 2008

GROW authorizes the Treasurer to pay our email list
service provider bill up to six months in advance, as per an earlier
group conscience decision

April, 2008

  • Second Signer for Treasurer
    A group conscience decision was made to have a
    non-rotating 2nd signer to assist the treasurer.
  • Frequency of Business Meetings
    It was decided to hold business meetings twice per year in April and October.

October, 2008

  • Common Language for Trusted Servants
    It was decided to separate out certain text (called “common language” during discussion) in the trusted servant positions an post these statements in one place only, with a link in each description to this common language.
  • Weekly Meeting reminders and posting of chairs
    It was decided to post regular weekly reminders of the meeting topics and to post the upcoming chairs.
  • Change in Steering Committee structure
    It was decided to change the steering committee to the following guidelines:

    All trusted servants whose term is longer than six months are members of the steering committee. In addition, the Steering Committee will include the Immediate Past Business Chair, Immediate Past Secretary, Immediate Past GSR, and the Webkeeper.

    + The SC helps out trusted servants as needed.

    + If someone needs to step aside from a position, or if one becomes
    vacant for some reason, the SC seeks out volunteers and appoints them
    until the next business meeting.

    + In the case of “disruptions,” the SC follows the GROW guidelines,
    with the changes that three members are chosen from among the SC
    (instead of having it mandated which trusted servants intervene).

    • Trusted Servant Positions
      It was decided to change the trusted servant list to the following:

      • Birthday listkeeper
      • Business Chair
      • Greeter (1)
      • GSR representative
      • Listkeeper
      • Listkeeper Backup
      • OIAA rep
      • Secretary
      • Sponsor listkeeper
      • 12-step listkeeper
      • Treasurer
      • 2nd signer
      • Weekly topic listkeeper
      • Webkeeper
      • Webkeeper backup
    • Secretary and Business Chair responsibilities
      We reached consensus on the responsibilities for the Secretary and for the Busines Chair:


      • 1 Year term
      • 2 years sobriety
      • Must be member of Business List
      • Should have completed AA Steps 1 through 12
      • Adheres to confidentiality of private emails
      • Serves on the Steering Committee
      • Works closely with the other Trusted Servants including privately and
        discreetly informing members who stray from the guidelines
      • Maintains a list of emergency contact phone numbers of all trusted
        servants for use by trusted servants, not for general distribution
      • Keeps a current list of trusted servants and term dates
      • Calls for nominations/volunteers
      • Confirms nominees will accept and serve
      • Announces new trusted servants
      • Sends Steering Committee Welcome Letter to all new trusted servants
      • Fields questions sent both publicly and privately
      • Serves as temporary back-up to the Business Meeting Chair
      • Does NOT handle anything related to the business meeting
      • Informs the business chair if elections are needed for trusted servants
      • For duties and requirements common to all Trusted Servant positions, see Trusted Servant Common Duties.

      Business Meeting Chair

      • 2 year term
      • 5 years sobriety
      • Must remain member of Business List
      • Moderate business meetings; keep discussions focused on agenda
      • Keep track of and review all discussions
      • Be responsible for keeping the issues clear. If a motion is offered, be sure that it is stated clearly and distinctly so that all know what they are discussing and voting on.
      • Set agenda for meetings, placing items on the agenda in the order received.
      • Work closely with other trusted servants, especially the Secretary.
      • Serve as temporary back-up to the Secretary.
      • Know all group conscience decisions and guide group to adhere to them.
      • Have knowledge and good understanding of A.A. Traditions and A.A. Service Manual.
      • Have understanding of Group Conscience Guidelines and A.A. guidelines and how to apply them.
      • As much as possible, remain fair and unbiased, willing to listen and be flexible. (At times the Chair will need to remain flat-footed. Refer to A.A. Service Manual)
      • Have knowledge and good understanding of A.A. Concepts.
      • Review all posts from both business and main list for items which should be brought to the business meeting.
      • Be prepared for an increase in both public and private correspondence.
      • Be accountable for answering questions.
      • Writes and files minutes at end of each 4-day period for business list.
      • Writes and files a summary at end of each 4-day period for main list.
      • Counts votes during group conscience decisions.
      • Announces results of votes in business meeting minutes.
      • Receives information from Secretary if elections are needed.
      • If more than one volunteer for a position, calls for election, and counts votes
      • For duties and requirements common to all Trusted Servant positions, see Trusted Servant Common Duties.