Apr 11: Personality Changes in Sobriety

When I first came to the tables I was told that AA would not only help me to stop drinking but would improve my whole way of life. The only thing I was focused on and desperate to achieve was drinking control because it was ruining my life. I did not think these changes could be real. I had no other choice though, this was my last stop and I had to try AA or die. So I followed the winners and did what they did. I took it one day at a time, worked the steps, did service work, went to meetings, got a sponsor and stayed connected to AA every day. I white-knuckled it through my first year, keeping my head down and barely noticing anything other than my desperation to stay sober.

When using I was always trying to turn things to my advantage, playing the puppetmaster and manipulating others. I was so dishonest. I lied to my spouse and kids about my drinking, lied at work about why I was not feeling well (hungover), lied to cover up my mistakes and always blamed them on someone else, on and on. I felt victorious when I could sneak a drink and no one else knew (I thought). My life was run by fear of being found out, fired, divorced, broke, without my kids, without friends etc. I was a self centered, mean and argumentative mess. I was always constantly on high alert and anxious which was exhausting.

I am not sure when the changes within me started. I gave it some thought some time into working my program and I realized that I was slowly turning into another person entirely. I was amazed! Somehow working through the steps I learned honesty and being true to myself. When I could do something dishonest I did not because I would know what I did, others finding out was secondary. The program taught me humility for the gifts I received from it and my HP.  AA brought me to a place of second thoughts because wrong actions would have to be accounted for with amends if I were to stay sober. So much of my fear had left me and I was able to do things I had never had the courage to do before. I could go on for days about all the personality changes for the better this program and my HP have caused within me. I truly feel like a different person who shed the reactive, dishonest, arrogant bully I used to be.

This program is a blessing as I not only stopped drinking but changed from the inside out. I am proud of who I am today.