Feb 06: Making Your Way Back to a Daily Life of Sobriety

Making Your Way Back to a Daily Life of Sobriety

Whether you are finding your way back to real life after years of drinking OR coming back to living day by day sober and healthy from a time in complacency or maybe rebellion, it is a daunting task. So many emotions, fears, resentments, losses, and darkness. No matter your geographic location, age, marital status, or anything else peace is only found by taking one step at a time with a solid Program. I’ve been lost in drinking and I’ve been lost in complacency. Neither place is one somebody ever wants to be and it takes courage and faith to fight your way out of them.

Some never find their way back at all. All of us in this group have made our way out of the darkness of drinking and even more still from the despair of just not caring about living the Program. The latter can lead you right back to the very darkness you fought your way out of in the first place. While it would be wonderful if all who found life beyond alcoholism stayed there…we all know it just isn’t true. There are so many speed bumps out there to trip us up and trip us up royally!

I would like us to consider our own experiences with such and what “bright light” or two showed us the way back. And with that let us all share our gratitude for making it back, whether this is your first time here, 3rd, or 10th.

Above all else, please remind yourself frequently that some just never find their way back at all.