Jan 30: What I Gained in Sobriety

What I Gained in Sobriety

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a beautiful wedding of the daughter of people who have been friends with us forever. Attending a wedding is one of those things I could never picture doing without a glass in my hand. But I had a fabulous day, toasted with Martinelli’s, danced a bunch, remember the whole thing and woke up feeling great this morning.

I was afraid when I got sober my best days were behind me. I didn’t think I would be as humorous, I didn’t think romance could blossom without the bubbly, I didn’t think sports events would be as fun. Turns out I was absolutely wrong. My life is richer, fuller and more fun now.

Part of it is that alcohol gave me a theatrical, false sense of emotion. I could build a drama around a moment, making it appear more romantic, funnier, etc. Turns out, I was just drunk enough to be stupid!

The other part is that the Big Book has taught me how to live life sober, and taken me on a spiritual path which has given me compassion, appreciation and true caring for others.

May you all walk in the sunlight of the spirit while you ponder the topic of the week: What I thought I would lose in sobriety, and what I gained instead.