Feb 28: Service as a Tool for Growth

When I first came into AA my focus was solely on staying sober and trying to stay that way.  All I really knew was to go to as many meetings as possible, read my Big Book, pray, get a sponsor, and work the steps.

That was good.  I started to grow, I listened at meetings, shared when it was my turn, and started learning about the steps and traditions.

I was encouraged to participate, and to share in service with smaller tasks:  setting up the room, chairs, tables, books, snacks, coffee, and clearing/cleaning after the meeting.  During those times, I sometimes had someone to share the duty and talk to.

I was encouraged to greet people as they came into the room.  “Hi!  I’m Pat!  It’s good to see you!”  With a smile and an out-stretched hand.

After a few months I was encouraged to chair meetings, and participate in business meetings.

Once I had the required length of sobriety, I was encouraged to accept a service position.

Each of these steps have taught me to look outside myself, to think of others, and how to work the principles of the program.

I know there are more ways of doing service.  I have grown as I have participated, and want to continue to learn more.

How have you learned and grown through service?