Jan 22: Laughter


Dear GROWers,

Thank you for allowing me to chair this week on the anniversary of my last drink, January 22, 1989. I have not had to drink a drink of alcohol nor to take any mind- or mood-altering substances in 28 years. Without our amazing program, I would surely have died from complications of liver disease.

To begin our topic for this week, I quote from the Big Book:

I began to see the miracles that happen only in AA. People who would nearly crawl in the doors, sick and broken, and in a few weeks of meetings and not drinking one day at a time would get their health back, find a little job and friends who really cared, and then discover a God in their lives.

But the most compelling part of AA, the part that made me want to try this sober thing, was the laughter, the pure joy of the laughter that I heard from sober alcoholics. – Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 333

Please share a funny story about your time in sobriety, or how you feel about the laughter in the rooms. Did this help you to keep coming back?

Thank you for reading me and as always, hugs to all who want one from me! – Gigi