Jan 23: It Works When I Work It

It Works When I Work It

I guess I am one for slogans, they sure helped me keep my thinking simple. You know I can complicate things pretty badly. When I got here I needed simple.

It works, when I work it.

hm-mm In the beginning that meant, I didn’t go to parties and out with my drinking buddies. It meant that I had to be honest enough with them so that I could protect myself. My real friends didn’t judge me and didn’t pressure me to continue drinking if I didn’t want to. My drinking friends, did. Pretty soon I didn’t feel comfortable being the only non drinking person with a bunch of drinkers. I felt out of place. But I found a place where I felt safe, and at home. In the rooms of AA, at tables or at a computer I find a sense of belonging that I always used alcohol or other substances to find. Gradually I went from being at home in a bar( actually my story is I was home alone on the couch passed out), to being at home in the church, hospital, or fire station or where ever the meeting is held.

By working the 12 steps of this program as suggested by the big book and taught to me by my sponsors, when crisis arises I have a ” kit of tools” that I can use to protect myself. It works when I work it, and I reach for it when I have pain. Just like I would reach for the bottle of aspirin.

More importantly, this is a program of spiritual maintenance. My sobriety, serenity and happiness is a daily reprieve based on my spiritual fitness. To stay spiritually fit, I have to pray, meditate and act on the guidance I receive. The big book tell me that there will come a time when only my higher power will stand between me and a drink.

Frankly, everyday, my higher power stands between me and that drink. Without him, I would. I would love to, I am an alcoholic.

Thank god for this program and that I still remember how bad I felt when I did drink.

It works, WHEN I work it.

I hope that something in there, sparks something in you, and if it doesn’t please share on what’s affecting your sobriety today.