Jul 17: Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance

I want to share with you something that I have come to rely on which I have enjoyed as a benefit of working the Steps in this Program.

You know, there is a passage in “Stepping Stones to Recovery For Women” (p116) which says: “Knowing how to climb up the stairs does not get me to the top. The action I take may get me to the top, but if I rush or jump over some of the steps, I may fall. I find that taking them one at a time, one right after another, I will get where I want to go.”

This has been true for me (despite my desire to “work” Steps 1 through 12 over a long weekend in my early sobriety. Thank God for my Sponsor who advised me to just re-read the Big Book (BB) and Twelve & Twelve and write about Step 1 !! 🙂

The benefit I want to talk about that I have enjoyed as a result of working the Steps is described in the Promises that are listed on page 84 in the BB. “We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.” My Higher Power’s (God’s) voice is as close as within me and no matter where I go or what I’m doing, I only need to “pause when agitated or doubtful” (BB p87). When I quiet myself and humbly and sincerely ask for guidance, it is always – always there for me, and it is the perfect answer for the situation. This intuitive guidance does not come from my head, it seems to come from somewhere around my heart and when I “get it” ~ there is a clarity that comes to my thinking that is unmistakable and I feel comfortable with going forward with that “decision”.

For me, working through all the Steps seems to have cleared away the “junk” and shown me that my thinking did not serve me, or others, well. This process reinforced my reliance on a Higher Power to direct my thinking and my actions. The Step work built within me a greater trust in God and His guidance, and therefore opened that “intuitive” channel for Him to lead and guide and solve all my issues and problems. How cool is that? J 🙂

The trick for me is to remember to pause when agitated or doubtful ! Clearly, God’s not finished with me, but at least I’m more willing to listen for His voice.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this meeting. I look forward to your sharing on how “intuitive guidance” works or doesn’t work for you ~ anything else that comes up for you as you have read my share, or whatever you feel a burning desire to talk about.