Jul 24: Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection

Good afternoon ladies Colleen here alcoholic. This program of AA is works if you work it. I know for me I must work these steps on a daily basis. I must believe there is a higher power who guides me and protects me. Drinking is no longer an option for me. It has taken 30 plus years to finally learn that this program offers so much more than not drinking.

As Dr Bob said “Try to find your own God. . .as you understand Him.” When I start doubting God I remember how powerful that first drink could be for me if I let I – so God must be all powerful. I accept that I am sober by God’s grace.

I was in a crabby mood the other day; I am human. I said some things to my husband which weren’t very nice. We talked it over the next day and I had to make amends. I have no right to let my bad mood hurt him. That is why I love this program we can start our day over when we need/want to.

Please share on this (progress not perfection) or anything else you need to discuss

Wishing you a peaceful and cooler week! Thanks for reading me.