Jul 22: Your Favorite Parts of the Big Book

Your Favorite Parts of the Big Book

This week, I’ve given a lot of thought to what today’s meeting should be about. I found it deeply moving that the Library of Congress recently honored the Big Book as one of the books to have shaped America. How cool is that?! I often think everyone, even the non-alcoholic, could benefit from reading it just because of the basic lessons in human psychology that it offers.

I think it would be interesting to talk this week about what parts of the book speak to you the most. What are the go-to segments you seek out when you need it? I’ve found that I never read the book the same way twice. There is always something that will jump out that I may have read over a million times before, but that million and one time can be a moment of clarity with a specific part. I recently read about freedom from self-will in the “Into Action” segment, which, again was like a lightning bolt at just the right time for me. If you are a newcomer (welcome, by the way!) what parts of the book have been especially powerful or comforting for you?

So …. tell us … what are your favorite parts of the Big Book?