Jun 03: Meeting Suggestions

Meeting Suggestions

Hi there! My name is Julie and I’m a grateful alcoholic. One of the first things I heard in the meetings I attended were “suggestions.” No one was telling me what to do, they simply shared what worked for them. I was intrigued and I listened. By being honest, open and willing to follow these suggestions, I noticed changes in my life, how I approached life on life’s terms.

Some suggestions that worked for me, and continue to do so…

  • Go to three meetings a week.
  • Reach out to my sponsor three times a week.
  • Call at least three alcoholics a day… I don’t do this and I really should. I try to call at least three a week.
  • Wake up, hit my knees, and ask God for patience, tolerance, love and compassion… And to follow his will.
  • Before bed, hit my knees, again, and thank God for another day sober.
  • Humble yourself and ask for help.
  • Make a gratitude list.
  • Relax and take it easy.
  • Trust and have faith.
  • Get busy with service and carry the message.
  • Keep it simple!

Please share with us what was suggested to you that works for you in your sobriety today!

Thank you for letting me be of service!

Julie K 5/17/12