Mar 11: Forcing Solutions

Forcing Solutions

As a topic for this week, I’d like to introduce a quote from Pocket Sponsor, a book published by Day by Day, Recovery Resources.

“It is our experience in recovery that a Power greater then ourselves places the answers before us that we need to hear when we need to hear them. Often we don’t like the answers and practice self-will by trying to force our solution. Forcing solutions is the same as ignoring Step Three. When I force the solution, the solution becomes the problem.”

I can see, looking back, that there were many, many times when my Higher Power, whom I have nicknamed “God,” J put people, places, thoughts, and/or things in my life at just the right times to give me the guidance and opportunity to move to a better place in my spiritual/ mental/ emotional/ physical growth. Such times may have been filled with turmoil and pain or happiness and joy. But, always, it seems God was providing intuitive guidance regarding the “next right thing” to do.

However, sometimes, I would start listening to that squeaky hamster wheel in my head and would ignore the “still small voice” within me that was nudging with intuitive guidance toward a favorable solution. It could be that the “still small voice” was not coming quickly enough, or it was too “still” or too “small” or it wasn’t saying what I wanted to hear. I would get into self-will run riot and try to force what I thought was the best solution. Unfortunately, before long I would realize that I had made a bigger mess of things, and my “solution” had indeed become a bigger problem.

Thankfully, I am reminded repeatedly in this Program, to pause when agitated, let go and let God, and to listen for intuitive guidance in all things. Though it is sometimes hard to wait (for the answer or opportunity), I remind myself of how perfectly God has handled things in the past. And, with the help of this Program and my recovering friends, I am better able to stop and listen for the inner voice that intuitively guides me into the best solution. By reflecting on the times when God clearly was guiding me, it helps grow my Faith, so that I am less inclined to jump into a situation with a plan to fix things “my way”. J

I encourage each of you to share about how your Higher Power places the answers before you just when you need them, and/or how forcing your own solution may have caused more problems.