Mar 13: Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Good morning ladies of GROW, my name is Colleen and I am an alcoholic. The shares that have been posted the last few weeks have been awesome. I am so grateful to be a member of GROW. For this week, I am choosing the topic of letting go of old beliefs.. One of my old beliefs about God/HP/Goddess is a punishing God. Even today, at times I feel that I am being punished by God.. I yell and scream about my life thinggs don’t go my way.. Thank God I don’t stay in that mode. How immature is that

Another old belief is that I am in competition with you. I am not in competition with anyone. How sick is that line of thinking? When my mother was still alive, she talked about her friend’s health issues ending with with “Look at me-my life is more tragic.” When I was sober in the late 80’s, I needed to have a more tragic life than you. Today, I know none of that is important.

I thank God for this program. It is teaching me to live one day at a time. I hope I am making sense. Please share your views on God and character defects that keep you separate from others.