Mar 26: Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Hello all you lovely ladies of GROW, I’m Susan and an alcoholic. I chose the topic “Keep it Simple” becaue it’s a unique struggle for me; I find that it’s so much easier said than done! On the one hand, I long for the luxury of simplicity in all areas of my life – relationships, career, my program, working the 12 steps. But often when I make choices to move in that direction, I feel a lot of GUILT! I.e., I must not be doing enough, analyzing enough, planning enough, and of course cotrolling enough (back to last week’s bus driver).

Perhaps I just need a lot more practice and conversations with my HP to get better at ‘keeping it simple’. I want to reap the serenity without the guilt! In the meantime, I would like to hear your shares on this topic, especially if you have a similar challenge and how you handle it. I learn so much from all of you… (Example: I’m trying to keep this share short and simple but I feel like it’s not long enough – LOL!)

Thank you for being here ladies, have a wonderful sober week!

Susan P.