Mar 28: Clearing A Channel / Favorite Prayer

Greetings!  Pulled today’s topic from As Bill Sees It p.78: 

During the day, we can pause where situations must be met and decisions made, and renew the simple request “Thy will, not mine, be done.  If at these points our emotional disturbance happens to be great, we will more surely keep our balance provided we remember, and repeat to ourselves, a particular prayer or phrase that has appealed to us in our reading or meditation. Just saying it over and over will often enable us to clear a channel choked up with anger, fear, frustration, or misunderstanding, and permit us to return to the surest help of all—our search for God’s will, not our own, in the moment of stress.

Last month, I shared on a topic about COVID and our recovery.  I opened about the trials and tribulations of this past year.  I was in awe of everything I had to deal with once it was put on paper.  Sometimes, like the reading, my prayer is simple:  “help me”, “your will, not mine”, and serenity prayer as a mantra.  Life is still a little crazy as we transition back to in-person meetings.  Seeking His will and asking for help to navigate throughout the day is paramount.  As a newcomer, I heard a speaker share about a verse (and I paraphrase) “your name is carved into the palm of my hand and I will call you by your name”.  Picturing this huge hand with my name on the palm and finding comfort carried me throughout my first year.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as “help me”. 

What is your favorite prayer, a “go to” in seeking HP’s will for you?  Feel free to share.