November 26 Keep Coming Back

Topic for the week:

Keep Coming Back, it works if you work it. what does this mean to you?  How do you work your program? I assume this changes over time and adjusts are made as life happens.

From day 1 when I began this program and meetings I felt like I finally found a place where I was understood.  I didn’t have to feel the shame of my prior way of living. I knew I had to keep coming back, and I loved the slogan. In the beginning I thought ‘keep coming back’ was meant for the newcomers.  If you aren’t sure on day 1 you should keep coming for some time. But as I just celebrated 5 months sober, the slogan means something different to me. I need to keep coming back. When we say this as a group at the end of a meeting, it has power. We know we will not have to feel alone if we keep coming back. We attend meetings to share our experience, strength and hope. Our shares give others hope. This is how we work it.