Sep 04: The journey, perfection, where God wants me to be

The journey, perfection, where God wants me to be

On September 2, 2012, I celebrated nine years sober. While writing my sober share, I wrote the following paragraph:

A lesson that I’m learning from God, many times via this room, is that I’m on a *journey* that never ends, and with that I never get to the ultimate goal. It’s always the goal. The goal is right now. There’s no hurry for me to be perfect, because perfect for me is to be in the place that God wants me to be, and that’s right here, right now.

Perfect is a human concept, I’m thinking today, not a God concept.

Please elaborate this, however you’d like the journey part, the perfect part, the where God wants me to be part your choice.

Or, as always, write on what you need to write on this week.

I’d like to let this ruminate in my brain for a while, and I’ll share later this week.

Thank you for being in this room.