Common Welfare Guidelines

Common Welfare Guidelines

These are our Common Welfare Guidelines, crafted through informed group conscience decisions.

As stated in Traditions in Cyberspace [opens new window] we do not tolerate disrespectful, aggressive or abusive posts. Our common welfare comes first. Individuals who display a pattern of disruptive behavior toward group members may be unsubscribed from the list.

By group conscience, GROW defines disruption as a pattern of posting that creates a negative impact on the group and distracts us from our primary purpose.

Out of respect for individuals, the group, and the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, we do not engage in name calling, obscene language, verbal attacks, destructive criticism, or any rude, sarcastic, harassing posting that demeans others.

Any group member who repeatedly violates the group Guidelines for E-mail Etiquette, the Terms of Service with our list service, or who otherwise engages in a pattern of behavior that disrupts our common welfare may be unsubscribed from the list.

The Secretary, Chair and Listkeeper work together in attempting to resolve these issues, as well as being final decision makers for unsubscribing someone who persists in disruptive behavior.

Here is the procedure we follow when disruptive behavior threatens our common welfare:

  1. One of the above trusted servants sends an email privately to the member requesting that she stop the behavior.
  2. If she does not, she will receive a second request with notice that if her behavior continues she will be unsubscribed.
  3. If she chooses to continue the behavior, she will be unsubscribed as follows: 1st offense – 7 days; 2nd offense – 14 days; 3rd offense – 30 days; 4th offense – 1 year.

After the first offense and subsequent unsubscription, only one request will be sent prior to unsubscribing the member if she does not immediately discontinue the disruptive behavior.

The individual who has been unsubscribed is responsible for requesting re-subscription.