12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper Description

12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper

    • 6 month term
    • 1 year sobriety
    • Must be member of Business List.
    • Maintains a list of members and email addresses of those willing to write 12 Step letters.
    • Reviews GROW email daily to determine who could use extra support.
    • Forwards those letters to the 12th Step Committee.
    • Places in subject line “12th Step Call”.
    • Receives letters from Listkeeper or Greeter of new members who need immediate support and forwards these to 12th Step Committee.
    • Once a month, verifies that members of the 12th Step Committee are current GROW members and wish to continue their membership on the 12th Step Committee.
    • Sends out monthly announcements to the group regarding Step opportunities, using 12th Step Opportunity Letter as approved by group conscience.
    • Notify 12th Step Back-up, Group Listkeeper and Greeters, if unavailable for a period of time. (Backup will then assume the above responsibilities).
    • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.
    • Wording for letter commonly used is provided in the link below: